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Many companies are well geared up to move Heavy Plant and Machinery and Ultra Heavy Items outside, in open areas where there are no space restrictions.

HVC Movement Engineers is one of only a handfull of companies that have the tools and the capability to carry out Confined Spaces Heavy and Ultra Heavy Lifting, ie, lifting machinery and items of plant weighing anywhere from 200 Kilos to 200 Tonnes or more, in restricted spaces and confined areas.

For a successful project conclusion in this area, exceptional Project Management is required.

This type of work requires:

For assistance with your Heavy Lift/Confined Spaces work, please forward your request via E-mail to us.


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A feasibility study is required to determine the technical aspects of the job. This takes into consideration the weights and dimensions of the machinery to be moved, the work area available and the capacity of the lifting tools available. This role is usually carried out by a Mechanical or Design Engineer.

PRECISION PLANNING is essential if mishap is to be avoided.

If not already done, a company representative should be appointed to closely liaise with the HVC Movement Engineering consultant selected to carry out the task. HVC will appoint a suitable Engineer who will oversee the entire project from the planning phase through to implementation.

THOROUGH PREPARATION of the task would include:

  • Scheduled meeting/s between the company’s Project Co-Ordinator/ Senior Management and HVC’s Project Engineer and subcontractors (if applicable) so all parties are aware of their areas of responsibility.

  • Ensuring all /any Civil Works, [such as stabilising ground, installing plinths, etc.]; mechanical and electrical works, [such as piping, plumbing, electrical wiring, etc.] are completed on time. This role is usually overseen by the HVC Project Engineer and carried out by experienced tradesmen.

  • Assessing that the tools required, are capable of carrying out the proposed task, and are in a good state of repair.

  • Rigging Works, such as setting up hydraulic gantries, lifting beams, etc. This task must be carried out by skilled riggers and would be overseen by the HVC Project Engineer.


The tools and equipment used in lifting of any item must be well maintained and checked on a regular basis. This is even more critical in the Ultra Heavy Lifting arena. Equipment failure with this work could mean a major catastrophe with potential loss of life.

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