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Crates & Boxes
Moving an item frequently requires it to be packed in some form or another to ensure a damage free journey.
When relocating delicate machinery it is usually first crated, before being transported.

The decision to crate must be assessed on an item by item basis. An item should be crated or packed, if it:
       • Does not have a solid frame
       • Is covered with flimsy plastic panelling or similar material.
       • Has delicate gauges, protrusions preventing secure strapping.
       • Will be handled frequently during transit.

Crating/boxing an item takes time, but to prevent damage or theft, it could be time well spent.

Although air freight is becoming more popular, especially with lighter machinery, the standard method of transporting equipment from one part of the world to another, is still by sea.

Shipping Containers come in a variety of sizes and styles

SIZE: Containers are either 20' or 40' long. Before ordering your containers, it should be noted that some countries have difficulty in transporting and handling 40' long containers.

STYLE:     GP       General Purpose
               O/T     Open Top
               F/R      Flat Rack
               B         Bolster
               H/C      High Cube

Container dimensions can vary slightly from container to container.
It is critical to check exact dimensions of each individual container when machinery or equipment will be a 'snug' fit. Being out by 1 cm could mean a change of container style mid job, with the real possibility of missing a scheduled sailing deadline.

Packing and securing items into a container must be undertaken with care. Each item is to be secured with the appropriate lashing, chocked where necessary to prevent movement in any direction and prepared so as to withstand condensation created inside containers from extreme variations of temperature during extended ocean voyage.
For further details or a free assessment of your packing/ containerisation needs, complete and submit the following form.
Click on an image for a larger and more detailed graphic of containerisation and packing technics.


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